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Introducing Playstation 3 support - MediaTomb 0.9.1 is released 2007-05-28

Actually this release was not planned, it just happened :)

After Sony released the Playstation 3 firmware with UPnP functionality our forums got really crowded – lots of people wanted to use it with an opensource UPnP server, but none worked. What followed was a perfect example on the advantages of opensource development: knowing that we do not have a PS3, users offered their help in debugging and testing, and together we were able to quickly find a solution to the compatibility problems.

So a big THANKS goes out to all of you, in return you get a new release that now also supports streaming of MP3 and MPEG4 files to your PS3.

Note – in order to enable PS3 support add the following to the <server> section in your configuration file:

<protocolInfo extend="yes"/>

We were not sure if PS3 settings would disturb other renderers, so we did not enable this option by default.

And everyone else… sorry, allthough the new playlist parsing feature is almost finished, it was not yet ready to be released. So besides PS3 support there’s nothing new, except a couple of bugfixes.

Nevertheless, stay tuned, the next release may be sooner as you think :>

Upcoming Playstation 3 support 2007-05-26

We got a lot of feedback from PS3 users, they reported issues when trying to stream MP3 and MPEG4 files from MediaTomb to the Playstation. We were able to identify and fix the MP3 streaming problem and we will also try to master the MPEG4 issue, thanks to everyone who supported us by testing and by providing valuable debug information.

We will try to bring out a new release containing PS3 compatibility within the coming days.

Packages for Debian and Ubuntu finally available 2007-05-03

The long awaited and promised MediaTomb .deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu are finally available. See our Download section for details. Please test the packages and report both success and failure.

Added MediaTomb 0.9.0 Ångström and Optware packages 2007-04-30

Binaries for the current MediaTomb release have been made available for Ångström and Optware distributions, you will find the links to their repositories in the Download section.

Work is also being done on Debian and Ubuntu packages, please have a little patience, we will hopefully release them soon.

Also make sure to take a look at the new userinterface documentation, it should explain any questions you had about the meaning of the icons used in the UI.

A word on the next release: we are currently working on playlist support, it will allow user defined parsing of various text based playlist formats and should make the import of online content a little easier.

Other features are still under discussion, se let’s see what else we will add.

MediaTomb FreeBSD Port 2007-04-23

From now on FreeBSD users have an easy way of installing MediaTomb – a port is available. Take a look at for more information.

In the meantime we are laying out the roadmap for the next release, more information on this will follow.

MediaTomb 0.9.0 is released! 2007-03-28

It’s done!

Currently only a source tar.gz and Fedora Core 5 and 6 rpms are available, binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu will follow shortly. A BSD port will also be submitted soon and we will try to provide a Mac OS X package and possibly a Cygwin win32 binary as well.

In addition you can expect package updates for embedded distributions like Ångström, OpenSlug and Optware.

We appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you run into any issues.

And now go and grab the new release in the Download section :)

New website and ongoing prerelease testing 2007-03-05

We’ve been so busy preparing the prerelease, that we did not even mention the launch of our new web appearance.

A huge thank you goes out to Bjoern Paschen who created this website for us!

In the meantime testing of the 0.9.0 prerelease is still in progress. A bug regarding MySQL detection in the configure script has been fixed, so use the latest SVN code if you did not intend to compile with MySQL but got an error during linking (complaints about missing mysqlclient_r).

Apart from that nothing worrying has been discovered, so hopefully we can go for a full release soon.

MediaTomb 0.9.0 prerelease finally available 2007-02-26

Very long time has passed since the last release, but the project was never dead. A change in the developer team, a major code rewrite, several release delays, tons of improvements and new features – but finally here we are.

After over a year of silence we bring you the 0.9.0 prerelease. The feature list is huge, almost all aspects have been improved, lots of systems and architectures are now supported.

You should be able to compile MediaTomb for Linux, FreeBSD (at least 5.x), Mac OS X, Cygwin, Solaris. A range of embedded distributions like OpenSlug or Optware are also supported.

Please test this prerelease and report any issues that you encounter.


More targets supported 2007-02-24

Packages for the following targets have been added: Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_wl500g_cross_stable Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_ddwrt_cross_stable Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_ds101_cross_stable Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_oleg_cross_stable

MediaTomb packages for Optware and OpenSlug can be downloaded here. Note: those packages are based on current development code and are not releases yet, however they should be stable enough for testing.

Now, regarding the upcoming 0.9.0 version: we decided to go for a prerelease first and let the users participate in testing. As always, I am not telling any dates, but we are almost there :)

OpenSlug and Optware packages available! 2007-02-07

We are still preparing the release, there are only a couple of minor glitches left, so we hope that it will not take too long.

Some cool news: MediaTomb packages (based on current SVN development code) are now available for various embedded distributions, our thanks go out to OpenSlug and Optware guys on freenode who made this possible.
The available packages can be downloaded here.

Here is an overview:
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_nslu2_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_ds101g_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_fsg3_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_nas100d_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_ts72xx_cross_stable
Version 0.8+0.9pre1+svn20070213-sqlite-r2 from openslug_cross_unstable
Version 0.8+0.9pre1+svn20070213-sqlite-r2 from debianslug_cross_unstable

Please test those packages! We do not have the hardware to try it out, so we strongly depend on your feedback.

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