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Sources moved from SVN to GIT 2013-01-17

Today I imported the sources into GIT, the old SVN repository is disabled.

You can clone the repo by doing: git clone git://

I set the master branch not to the old trunk, but to the latest stable 0.12 branch. I’ll probably merge some commits from the old trunk to the new master, but otherwise old-trunk will be abandoned, I think it contains some “hacks in progress” which are too old to remember.

We still plan to bring out a tiny 0.12.2, we know that the current release does not compile on modern distros anymore and since I am about to update my system from Fedora 15 to Fedora 18 (thanks to MATE) I will have to fix the MediaTomb build.

We’ll also see that we strip out unsupported features (I think Apple Trailers is no more?) and update some libaries (i.e. adapt to SpiderMonkey API changes), but there will not be any new features for now.

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