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0.12.1 - Hotfix Release 2010-04-08

Well, that was really a bad timing… A week after the 0.12.0 release YouTube changed their pages and our new feature, that allows to play YT videos on UPnP devices did not work anymore.

So here is the updated version that enables this feature.

There are also a few minor fixes (see changelog), but nothing really exciting.

The next version will focus on the patches that are submitted in the tracker, I’d expect it within a month or so, let’s see… :)

I’ll also add the transcoding profile based on IP/MAC solution which could not make it into this release.

Now, a few notes on the sponsorship thing: it was interesting to hear your feedback, I really did not know what to expect from this experiment.

The overall outcome is: this is not going to work. Actually, I did not receive any negative feedback, the few mails that I did get were reassuring. But the number of people who responded is very, very low, it seems there is wide no interest to such a proposal.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and participated in the discussions.

We’ll continue just as before (and hopefully better ;) so stay tuned for more features….

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