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Opinion Needed 2010-01-01

Happy New Year everyone!

Same question: where is 0.12? Same answer: soon!

No, honestly, things are being worked on, however with some delay. Leo is currently away on holidays, he’ll get back to bug fixing soon. There are about 8 open bugs left, some assigned to me, some to Leo, we still have to evaluate if some of them are only minor and could be postponed. Main goal is to release 0.12 as soon as possible.

In the meantime I was approached by Greg, one of the numerous MediaTomb users, with an interesting idea.

In summary: would you want to have certain features developed faster by sponsoring them?

Please read and respond in this thread on SourceForge.

I won’t duplicate my message here, please read my view of this in the forum. And please do tell us what you think, preferably by posting in the above thread or by sending a mail to: [email protected]

We want to know your opinion, is the idea good or is it nonsense, does it look like a benefit to everyone or does it make a “they sold out” impression? It’s up to you – our decision to try or to ignore this idea will be based on your feedback. Thank you!

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