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Public SVN 2006-12-27

The year is about to end and there is still no release. However, this time we have something for you! We decided to move our sources to SourceForge SVN, this is working code and actually we are almost feature complete for the upcoming release. There are some minor bugs and glitches in the web UI, help and documentation are missing, a lot of testing still needs to be done – but apart from that everything should be fully usable.

We plan to go for a prerelease in the first weeks of January, a fully tested and bugfixed release should follow shortly. Those of you who feel comfortable checking out and building from SVN may want to take a look at the current status. Feedback and bug reports are welcome, however we would ask not to submit anything UI related before the prerelease.

The code should compile on Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X, a .bb metadata file for the OpenEmbedded evironment is also available.

SVN: svn co mediatomb

Remember to do a “autoreconf -i” after the first checkout, in order to generate the configure script.

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