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MediaTomb Is Now In Fedora 2008-01-17

From now on MediaTomb packages are available directly from the Fedora repositories. That means that you can simply run yum install mediatomb and do not have to bother with dependency resolution, custom yum mirrors or anything alike.

The Fedora rpm’s are based on the 0.10.0 version with some minor bug fixes on top of it.

And of course – a big thank you goes out to Marc Wiriadisastra who cleaned up the spec file, adapted the package to match Fedora guidelines and did all the work on the package submission process.

Some info for our PS3 users: Sony released a firmware version with DivX support, as always they put extra effort into introducing some new incompatibilities and invented a new mimetype. So, if you have a PS3 add the following line to the <extension-mimetype> section of your config.xml file before importing your divx movies:

<map from="avi" to="video/divx"/>

Also, have a look at the following thread for more information on this topic.

What else? We lost quite some time investigating an issue regarding Ubuntu and the SpiderMonkey library. We did some in depth debugging and received great support from the libjs developers, it turned out that the .deb that is provided along with Ubuntu 7.10 is somehow broken. I wonder why the .deb is based on some branched version and not on an released js tarball – in the end it does not matter: the only solution I can think of is to provide a custom js package for Ubuntu along with MediaTomb until the issue is resolved.

Oh yes… and then there was all this talk about the upcoming release. Guess what? We are late again :) The good news is that all blockers are now finally resolved, we’re fixing some minor issues and are very close to finally getting it out.

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