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CE Linux Forum Open Source DLNA Summit 2007-10-06

We got some information about an interesting event that will take place not so far away from us – in Linz.
Some of you may have heard about DLNA, some of you may have seen a DLNA logo on your device – what is it good for? Main idea of DLNA is to provide a specification, aiming at maximum interoperability between devices. The spec is not freely available, so open source projects did not have a chance to support it. However, there are several parties interested in open source implementations of the DLNA specification – this event will bring those parties together.

CE Linux Forum Open Source DLNA Summit:

Location: Linz, Austria

Date: November 4 (Sunday), 2007

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: Johannes Kepler University

Price: Free

For Agenda and updated information:

Now, some news on MediaTomb: we did not have much time during the last month, nevertheless things are moving towards a new release. Despite some limitations the external transcoding feature is working well and the “surprise” feature is also almost done. Stay tuned.

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