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Iomega Releases Firmware With MediaTomb 2007-09-02

Recently Iomega released a new firmware version for their StorCenter Wireless Network Hard Drive 1TB (4HD x 250GB) units and it comes with a preinstalled version of MediaTomb. Those of you who own this unit and wish to upgrade will find the firmware here.

So, there are now two manufacturers who are shipping their NAS products with a preinstalled version of MediaTomb – Excito and Iomega

More news – MediaTomb packages are now available in the official Mandriva repositories. The latest version, 0.10.0, can be found in /contrib/release for the development distro (Cooker) and /contrib/backports for the latest stable release (2007 Spring). Instructions on using the /backports repositories are here.

Now, an update on the upcoming release – testing of the transcoding feature is in progress and we already received success reports. We are sorting out remaining problems but overall it is looking good. One thing where you could support us – if you know command line options for ffmpeg or mencoder that work well for your hardware – please tell us. We would like to offer transcoding presets for various devices and only you know what works best with your player.

Last but not least, there will be a surprise feature which I will not reveal just yet. Those of you who looked in SVN should know what I am talking about ;)

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