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Transcoding Is On The Way 2007-08-09

So… 0.10.0 is out and we promised to focus on transcoding for the next release. We plan to have two releases with different types of transcoding support, first we will introduce the “external” transcoding feature, after that we will offer “native” transcoding.
The difference?

External transcoding allows to plug in any application that will accept a filename as input and write the transcoded stream to a given output. Obviously, the advantage of external transcoding is the fact that there are no limitations on the type of media that can be transcoded, you could even have your documents read by plugging in a text to speech application. The downside is little control about the transcoding process and a somewhat more difficult setup: if you mess up the command line it will be up to you to figure out what is going wrong – we simply launch the transcoding application that you specify with the command line that you give us and we have no possibility to figure out why it failed, should that be the case.

Native transcoding will use libraries like ffmpeg and alike, the advantage here is full control over the media which should hopefully allow us to provide trick mode support.

Currently we almost finished implementing the external transcoding feature and are testing it. It would be good if we had more people who are willing to try it before the release – we need to see how good it works in the field. So if you are comfortable compiling and are willing to test – please drop by in our IRC channel or write us a mail.

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