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Delayed... 2006-09-21

Well, as you can see – we did not make it in time :) We discovered some problems in the old code, and decided to completely rewrite the whole storage class. Of course this took more time than expected, but the work package is almost complete now.

In the meantime we added TG100 support and we got MediaTomb running on FreeBSD.

At last I would like to say a few words about all the delays. It’s been more than a year since the last release and there are a few reasons for that. The major issue was the departure of a key developer from the project – Gena had to move back to his home country. At the beginning we were hoping to continue development, but after a couple of months we realized that he could not participate any longer. This happened in the middle of a big code rewrite, so adding small patches and features on top of 0.8.1 was not possible – we either had to revert back to 0.8.1 and start from there, or go ahead with the rewrite.

The development was almost completely stalled until Leo finally joined the team. Being a database expert he was quick at finding performance bottlenecks and other issues in our database code, so we decided to throw away the half finished changes and let him implement his vision of the storage class. We spent two full weeks of our holidays working about 10 hours per day in the hope of making the August deadline – but it was just too much that had to be changed. Right now we continue our work towards 0.9.0, but of course we can not spare as much time as we had during the holidays. Nevertheless, we are not taking any shortcuts and are determined to bring out a quality release.

Thanks for your patience!

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