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MediaTomb for Mac OS X 2007-05-31

Finally there is an easy way to install MediaTomb on Mac OS X - a package is now available via Fink. Thanks to the Fink developers for creating the package!

You will find the MediaTomb Fink package here.

In the meantime we have been continuing to test Playstation 3 compatibility and discovered an issue. Some users reported, that browsing becomes impossible after a short amount of time. It seems that only a few people have this problem, please let us know if you are one of them.

In those particular cases, we could see that the Playstation keeps the sockets open but does not allow writing any data. We could also reproduce this behaviour with other dedicated servers, so it is not something that would be specific to MediaTomb. However, we rely on correct client behaviour and do not handle this error situation well.

We have successfully tested a workaround which will appear in the next release.

Again, please report if you have this problem, we would like to know how many users are affected so we can decide if a quick follow up with a fixed package is necessary.

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