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More targets supported 2007-02-24

Packages for the following targets have been added: Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_wl500g_cross_stable Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_ddwrt_cross_stable Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_ds101_cross_stable Version 0.8.1+svn1096-2 from optware_oleg_cross_stable

MediaTomb packages for Optware and OpenSlug can be downloaded here. Note: those packages are based on current development code and are not releases yet, however they should be stable enough for testing.

Now, regarding the upcoming 0.9.0 version: we decided to go for a prerelease first and let the users participate in testing. As always, I am not telling any dates, but we are almost there :)

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