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OpenSlug and Optware packages available! 2007-02-07

We are still preparing the release, there are only a couple of minor glitches left, so we hope that it will not take too long.

Some cool news: MediaTomb packages (based on current SVN development code) are now available for various embedded distributions, our thanks go out to OpenSlug and Optware guys on freenode who made this possible.
The available packages can be downloaded here.

Here is an overview:
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_nslu2_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_ds101g_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_fsg3_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_nas100d_cross_stable
Version 0.8.1+svn1094-1 from optware_ts72xx_cross_stable
Version 0.8+0.9pre1+svn20070213-sqlite-r2 from openslug_cross_unstable
Version 0.8+0.9pre1+svn20070213-sqlite-r2 from debianslug_cross_unstable

Please test those packages! We do not have the hardware to try it out, so we strongly depend on your feedback.

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