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MediaTomb on Bubba Mini Server 2007-01-27

We were hoping to launch our new designed website this week, so I was hesitant to post any news updates. However, we are so busy preparing the 0.9 release that we will have to stick with the present web appearance for now.

Here are the latest news:
Some time ago we were contacted by Excito, a company from Sweden. They developed a network attached storage device, the Bubba Mini Server and were interested in MediaTomb support. After some talks we received a unit as a gift and were able to easily compile the current SVN development version for it. I would usually use the OpenEmbedded environment for such a task, but not this time. Bubba comes with a preinstalled Debian distribution, so no crosscompiling was necessary – we simply installed gcc, all needed headers and libraries and compiled on the target. I have to admit, that it takes quite a while to compile MediaTomb on an ARM platform, but doing so is very easy and actually not any differrent than on a normal PC. MediaTomb ran just fine and we were quite impressed by Bubbas’ performance. The conclusion: there will definetely be a MediaTomb Debian package for both, ARM and x86, and certainly a version running on Bubba.

Now, some lines on the current status:
we are making good progress, most work is now being done on the UI. The missing features are displaying the current task / tasklist to tell the user what the server is doing and Internet Explorer support (the latter being a terrible nightmare). Of course we are also testing and bugfixing, allthough the major testrun is still ahead. Stay tuned.

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